22.11.2019 16:01:46


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ID: 205431
6 markkaa oranssi painotuotekuorella Sveitsiin, Helsinki ko 23.12.1948
Начальная цена: 20.00 евро

Online Auction #116

Advance bids accepted until Friday 22.11.2019, at 11.30.

Online bidding closes on 22.11.2019 as follow:
items 1 - 1088 at 6 p.m.
items 1089 - 1729 at 8 p.m.

Pre-auction viewing

In the premises of Philatelic Service of Finland 
(Noutokatu 3, 21100 Naantali)

Wednesday - Friday 20.11. - 22.11. at 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.

New!!! Last chance viewing
According to the feedback from our customers, we are testing a new service for our long-distance viewers. Now we offer a chance to get the objects home, you have won from the auction, when the auction is finished for the day. Last chance viewing is open on Friday from 5 pm onwards as long as the auction is running. So at the same time you can look at the objects and place offers with your own mobile device. And after the auction our staff will collect your objects ready for you and you can take them home right away! Easy and fast! If you want to try out this new service, you have to enroll to it latest on Thursday 21st of November 12 pm. For more information and enrollments contact our customer service:Tel +358 2 2547 200 or myynti@filateliapalvelu.com

We do our best to arrange the viewing outside viewing hours on request.

Delivery of items

If the Post office's strike still continues in Finland, when our auction is over, we will send all our pakages through DHL. This way you get all your shopping fast and safe.

We are now using DHL for parcel shipments and therefore it is important that we have your correct phone number. The most convenient way to update contact information is by logging into your auction account and updating it from My Pages. Please note that if we do not have your number the delivery might be delayed and may incur additional expenses.


Philatelic Service of Finland Ltd, Noutokatu 3, 21100 Naantali, Finland.
Phone +358-2-2547200, myynti@filateliapalvelu.com