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Rubrik Startpris Andra till högsta budet  
#1231 image1928 Airmail 25 s blue Mi 131, mint * pair, IMPERFORATE AT MIDDLE, also a normal perforated pairInga bud 70.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1232 image1931 Air mail Mi 177-179, stockpage with ca. 20 stamps incl. both perforations and watermark positions, also four forgeriesInga bud 20.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1233 image1932 Aizsargi IV Mi 203-205B, imperforate used setInga bud 30.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1234 image1911 registered postal stationery card uprated with 3 and 7 kopecks stamps, from Warsaw to France, two pinholesInga bud 20.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1235 image1862 letter from Riga to Libau, 10 kopecks stamp Mi 5 cancelled with dotted numeral handstamp 38Inga bud 20.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1236 image1863 letter from Riga to Libau, pair of 10 kopecks stamps Mi 5 cancelled with dotted numeral handstamp 38Inga bud 30.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1237 image1873 – 1917 postal item lot, 18 items, all related to Riga, something special in each item, interesting lot!Inga bud 50.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1238 image1912 registered letter from Kiev to Riga, returned to sender, Riga post office label indicating the reason for returnInga bud 20.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1239 image1915 Riga in town commercial letter with contents, 5 kopecks franking, handstamp Return to sender, on reverse Riga post office label indicating the reason for returnInga bud 20.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1240 image1917 (August) very interesting letter from Voronezh to Riga. The letter arrived Riga on 20th of August, but it could not be delivered because of the German invasion. The letter was returned to Voronetzh and it bears on reverse scarce handstamp “Returned because of the evacuation”. The Germans occupied Riga in early September. Fine historical evidence!Inga bud 50.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1241 image1918 map stamps on philatelic cover, receipt included with same number but different Riga cancelInga bud 20.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1242 image1919 (January) ordinary letter from Bolshevik Riga to Jelgawa, sent free under the Soviet free post tariff - provisional cancel of Jelgawa indicates arrival on 31.1.19. Plenty of creases all over the envelope, non-philatelic and incredibly rareInga bud 100.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1243 image1925 - 1940 postal item lot with 15 items, eg. stationeries, air mail, railway etc.Inga bud 40.00 €0.00 €Bjud

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