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#1281 image1919 (September) registered letter from Bogorodsk to Petrograd, correct 50 kop tariff, notable for six page letter enclosed which has not been studied, some visible faults on coverBid(s) made 20.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1282 image1919 August, registered cover sent from Petrograd to Moscow, correct 50 kop tariff, creased envelope. Very difficult to find Soviet 1919 materialNo bids 20.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1283 image1919 probably philatelic cover sent within Moscow, the correct 50 kop franking includes a 20 kop with major background shiftNo bids 20.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1284 image1920 June, registered letter from Samara railway station to Simbirsk, 20 kop single franking x 100 revalued on back, notable for use of a three triangle censorship (top left) on internal mail. Ex Robert Taylor with his notesNo bids 20.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1285 image1921 - 1922 five postal items incl. to France, to Germany, tariff of 400 000 roubles etc.Bid(s) made 30.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1286 image1921 January, registered letter from Archangel to Switzerland, stamp dealer correspondence, conrrectly franked at 10 rbl with a revalued 10 kop stamp. Moscow three triangle censorship mark and Basel receiver markNo bids 20.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1287 image1921 July, registered cover from Simbirsk to Denmark, franked 3½ rbl with horizontal varnish lines, Msocow three triangl censorship on frontNo bids 20.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1288 image1921 May, registered letter from Pskov to Latvia, correctly franked 10 rbls, Moscow three triangle censorship. The Pskov cancel is a post -1919 Soviet replacement of the one used by White forcesNo bids 20.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1289 image1921 November, ordinary letter from Moscow to Riga, Riga roller cancel arrival, franked at the inland rate, postage due raised in LatviaNo bids 20.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1290 image1921 November, registered letter from Petrograd to Denmark, franked 15 000 (second weight category). Position 5 in the block on the back of envelope shows the plate error, damaged leaf. Some of the stamps damagedNo bids 20.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1291 image1922 December, registered cover from Izyarslavl to Berlin, correct 300 rbl franking intact, attractive itemNo bids 30.00 €0.00 €Bid
#1292 imageStockpage with useful fiscal stamps used for postage, also one 300 r green pelure paper etc.Bid(s) made 20.00 €0.00 €Bid

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