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Заголовок Начальная цена Вторая по величине ставка  
#1839 image1918 (August) Brest-Litovsk treaty mail, registered letter to Hamburg with receiver on reverse, dual censorship on front, correct 60 kopecks frankingСтавок нет 90.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1840 image1919 (April) registered letter from Yurazovo to Moscow, correctly franked to 50 kopecks with single stamp on reverse, notable for four page letter rarely seen at this period, ex Robert TaylorСтавки 40.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1841 image1919 (January) picture postcard from YEFREMOV to Petrograd, censorship on arrival unnecessarily franked at the obsolete 20 kopecks rate but using an imperforate arms stamps - the use of the 20 kopecks imperforate at face value is scarceСтавок нет 20.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1842 image1919 (May) registered postcard, private correspondence, sent from Kozlov to Petrograd and correctly franked at 35 kopecks comprised of 10 kopecks for the card and 25 kopecks for registration. Registered postcards are rare fr the first free post tariff period and virtually unknown for the later two periodsСтавок нет 70.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1843 image1919 - 1920 twelwe postcards, all sent from Petrograd during the free post period, all written up in English. The population of Petrograd fell dramatically in this period, and free post material is not commonСтавок нет 90.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1844 image1919 Petrograd post office receipt page with three chainbreaker stampsСтавок нет 20.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1845 image1920 (February) registered cover from PESOCHNOE on the Volga to Kaluga, correctly franked at 4 roubles according to the free post tariff of November 1919, ex Robert TaylorСтавок нет 70.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1846 image1920 (February) registered letter from Petrograd to Novgorod, correctly franked at 4 roubles (tariff of November 1919), late use of bourgeois tissue envelope, very unusual, ex Robert TaylorСтавок нет 40.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1847 image1921 (August) registered cover sent from Petrograd to Prague with PRAHA 22 VIII 21 arrival mark on reverse. Note the World War One registration label with accented PétrogradСтавок нет 20.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1848 image1921 (February) Solombala via Moscow to Helsinki, Tarasoff correspondence with original subscription form enclosed in fine conditionСтавок нет 30.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1849 image1921 (January) registered postcard sent from Archangel to Switzerland, all marking including Swiss receiver mark on front. Franked, as is common, at the letter rate of 10 roubles instead of the postcard rate of 7 roubles. The use of a local Archangel three triangle censorship at the top suggests that this card was sent out by the Northern route through Vardo in Norway. Useful item for this period. Some surface fault on reverseСтавок нет 100.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1850 image1921 (July) Tarasoff correspondence, modified Kerensky card used as blank, sent registered from Solombaba at 10 roubles, Archangel three triangle censorship cancel, unusual Southampton receiver only 13 days after posting suggesting that this card went direct from Archangel over the Arctic/North Sea routeСтавок нет 120.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1851 image1921 (June) registered cover with stamp dealer contents, sent from Novocherkassk to Stockholm, local censorship of Novocherkassk. Late use of Kerensky chainbreaker stamp, receiver cancel on reverseСтавки 30.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1852 image1921 (May) outward half of reply card, sent registered from Stariy Peterhof to Germany, franked 10 roubles letter rate instead of the rare 7 roubles rate, Moscow three triangle censorship, an unusual itemСтавок нет 30.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1853 image1921 (November) large format registered cover from KISLOVODSK VOKSAL to the Polish delegation in Moscow. Two weight steps would have taken the franking to 1750 roubles - this cover is franked to 1760 roubles using revalued arms stamps and a single Arms & Industry stamp. UnusualСтавок нет 30.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1854 image1921 (October) registered private letter sent from Petrograd to Copenhagen. Correctly franked to 2000 roubles with 8 x 250 roubles Arts & Industry definitives, cancelled PETROGRAD 1 EXSP 1 10 21. Two weak Moscow transits on reverse and Moscow three triangle censorship cachet n front dated 12 10 21. Copenhagen arrival cancellation 22 10 21. Some visible faultsСтавок нет 20.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1855 image1921 - 1922 four items with Arts and Industry frankings, including two American relief cards, One item incompleteСтавок нет 20.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1856 image1921 postcard from Simbirsk to Algeria, franked at 2000 roubles, postage due wrongly applied and ignored - one stamp is on reverse, rare destinationСтавок нет 20.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1857 image1922 (December) cover from Mogilev Podolsk to Berlin, franked with over 100 Imperial adhesives at 1 kopeck and 3 kopecks, Berlin receiver mark on front, spectacular item, faults as visibleСтавок нет 30.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1858 image1922 (June), two examples of the 45 roubles ordinary foreign letter rateСтавок нет 20.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1859 image1922 (October 14) ordinary letter from Petrograd Nikolaevski Voksal post office to Finland, correctly franked at the new 75 roubles tariff, the 7 roubles stamps are all from the scarce printing perforated 12½ (Mi 80Cxb II). Roughly opened and damaged three stamps at the right hand side and vertical crease on cover making damage on two stampsСтавок нет 50.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1860 image1923 (July) cover from Yalta to Kazan with receiver cancel, paid in cash (see envelope flap), appears to be some kind of special post, unusual itemСтавки 40.00 €40.00 €Сделать ставку
#1861 imageGeneral fiscals also used for postage, stamp lot on a stockpage, over 30 stmaps, plenty of very fine mint **Ставок нет 20.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку

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