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Заголовок Начальная цена Вторая по величине ставка  
#1639 image1922 Soldier 70 R orange-red Mi 210AF, error stamp on a very fine mint ** block of 25, left margin with slightly opened perforationСтавки 20.00 €31.00 €Сделать ставку
#1640 image1918 (August) small non-philatelic registered cover sent from Perersloe Volinsk and addressed to Ostrov with receiver mark on back together with correct 50 kopeck franking including 10 kopeck postal savings bank stampСтавок нет 60.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1641 image1918 (March), philately in Red Petrograd, exotic locally sent registered cover franked with currency stamps, two misperforated 10 kopecks stamps, 10 kopecks stamp with complete off set applied face down, but notably no imperforate stamps above 15 kopecks. Interesting evidence of what was available at this timeСтавки 75.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1642 image1918 inquiry from Rostov 9.3.1918 to Finland regarding a money order of 500 roubles, sent as telegramСтавок нет 20.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1643 image1918 registered mixed franking cover with Russian and Ukrainian stamps, sent from Gomel, Belarus 16.9.1918Ставок нет 50.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1644 image1918 uprated Kerensky postal stationery card from Petrograd 16.4.1918 to FinlandСтавок нет 20.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1645 image1919 (March), registered private letter from Cherepovets Novgorod to Petrograd, Petrograd censorship and receiver mark, correctly franked to 50 kopecks using a 35 kopecks Chainbreaker as part of the frankingСтавки 100.00 €110.00 €Сделать ставку
#1646 image1919 - 1921 four cards and three covers from the free post period, four with Robert Taylor notesСтавок нет 50.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1647 image1919 - 1921 postal item lot of 40 inland mail items, mostly free post, with covers and cards from all over Bolshevik Russia. Many with typed notes of Robert Taylor but scope for further workСтавок нет 280.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1648 image1919 Parcel card from Borovichy to Petrograd, franking includes 20 copies of 70 kopecks Chainbreakers, all the stamps with crisp cancels of Borovichy, some stamps badly cut but still an exceptional itemСтавок нет 170.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1649 image1920 (August) Tarasoff card sent from Solombala to Sweden, sent shortly after the resumption of foreign mail services and franked correctlyat the RARE registered postcard tariff of 7 roubles, local censorship in Archangel suggests this card travelled by the Arctic route to Vardo in NorwayСтавки 70.00 €225.00 €Сделать ставку
#1650 image1921 (December) ordinary letter sent from Alexseyevo-Leonovo Don to Vladimir Volinsk, franked at the correct 250 roubles rate with Arms and Industry stamps and revalued Arms stamps, very attractive itemСтавок нет 70.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1651 image1921 (June) Kerensky card used as a blank, sent registered with enumerator cachet from Novocherkassk asking for a copy of a Brussels philatelic journal, in exchange for which the sender has overfranked the card with a block of four of 4 kopecks imperforate stamps. Belgian distribution mark and Novocherkassk Three Triangle Censorship suggesting the card may have gone out through the port there rather than via MoscowСтавок нет 60.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1652 image1922 postal item lot of 11 covers and cards, all with Imperial frankings, various tariffs, fine lotСтавок нет 70.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1653 image1923 (April) ordinary letter from Tashkent to India with transits and receivers, very scarce destinationСтавок нет 50.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1654 image1923 (January - August) postal item lot of 10 covers, all with mixed frankings of star overprints and later soldie/worker issues, various tariffsСтавок нет 80.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1655 image1923 (March - September) postal item lot of 11 covers, all franked entirely with Star overprint stamps, various tariffsСтавок нет 70.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1656 image1923 Air mail cover from Petrograd to Berlin with nice example of red air mail label, clear receiver cancel on reverseСтавок нет 60.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1657 image1923 assembly of 26 covers and cards with star frankings, single or in combination, numerous different tariffs, most with old dealer descriptionsСтавки 200.00 €0.00 €Сделать ставку
#1658 image1923 Labour day, two complete sets on a registered cover from Moscow 1.5. (only day of validity) to Finland, two creases on cover not touching the stamps, small hole in the middle of cover, rare!Ставки 100.00 €150.00 €Сделать ставку

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