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STAMPS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES > Soviet Union Postal History

Rubrik Startpris Andra till högsta budet  
#1869 image1920s - 1930s postal stationery lot, over 50 mint stationery covers and cards including better, all clean front without pencil notes but all with crude hinges on back, high catalogue valueInga bud 50.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1870 image1924 beautiful little cover from a small town in Ekaterinburg, postage due noted at source and chraged in Moscow at the correct 6 kopecks half rate for mail to a recognised publication. Ex Robert Taylor with his notesInga bud 100.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1871 image1924 opened out cover from Leningrad Oblast to Moscow, franked with invalid stamp and charged 12 kopecks postage due, oval cachet on front. Faded invalidation circles around the original stamp, ex Robert TaylorInga bud 70.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1872 image1925 attractive, clean unfranked cover sent from Bashmakovo to Moscow, charged 11 kopecks postage due, the 1 kopeck is litho perf. 12 and the 10 kopecks with watermark, very nice item, ex Robert TaylorInga bud 120.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1873 image1925 cover from Moscow to Odessa, sent unfranked and charged postage due of 14 kopecks, the cover with creases as visible, the stamp is the scarce litho perforation 14½, ex Robert TaylorInga bud 80.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1874 image1925 cover from Tiflis to Kislovodsk, sent unfranked, lithographed stamps for 28 kopecks applied, interesting use of postage due stamps in CaucasusInga bud 100.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1875 image1925 opened out small cover franked at local rate and charged postage due of 9 kopecks (2 kopecks deficiency and 7 kopecks fee), stamps are perf. 12 lithographed, ex Robert TaylorInga bud 70.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1876 image1925 small cover reduced at top, sent from Sir-Daryar Samarkand to MIRZACHUL with bi-lingual Cyrillic and Arabic cancel, unfranked and charged postage due, ex Robert TaylorGivna bud 100.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1877 image1925 unfranked cover from Grozny oil fields (scarce cancel) to Bishpek, charged 14 kop postage due with lithographed stamps, most unusual and scarce, ex Robert Taylor with his notesInga bud 80.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1878 image1926 picture postcard of Pushkin monument posted on TPO 146 Moscow-Serpukhov, unfranked and charged 10 kopecks postage due (3+10), desirable TPO cancel adds to interest of this itemInga bud 80.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1879 image1935 philatelic exchange cover from Moscow to London, on reverse 1 rouble on 35 kopecks chainbreaker exchange stamp tied by Philatelic Association seal, franking on front includes 15 kopecks Zeppelin with scarce perforation 14 (Mi 406B), neatly cancelledInga bud 100.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1880 image1937 (October) late use of Philatelic exchange stamps, cover sent from Moscow to Germany with German censorship cachet, at a time when collectors with foreign contacts were under political suspicionInga bud 100.00 €0.00 €Bjud

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