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STAMPS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES > Soviet Union Postal History

Rubrik Startpris Andra till högsta budet  
#1689 image1924 – 1947 Nice lot including a Russian stationery card used in the German field post on August 1941 from Smolensk to Ostrau and other interesting items, in total 21 covers and cardsGivna bud 30.00 €52.00 €Bjud
#1690 image1924 – 1955 International mail including registered items to South Africa, USA, Canada and Germany etc. nice items, in total 23 items (in addition 2 modern Estonian FDCs with high nominal)Givna bud 20.00 €65.00 €Bjud
#1691 image1924 cover from Moscow 29.3.24 to Hamburg, tobacco related advertisement label (faults) attached on front, on reverse 5 x 4 kop imperforate stamps and arrival postmark Hamburg 3.4.24. Some visible faults on coverGivna bud 30.00 €35.00 €Bjud
#1692 image1924 picture postcard from Italy to Moscow, charged postage due as shown, ex Robert Taylor with his notesGivna bud 70.00 €80.00 €Bjud
#1693 image1924 unfranked cover from Tomsk to the Peasant Gazette in Moscow, charged 12 kopecks postage due, ex Robert Taylor with his notesInga bud 80.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1694 image1925 unfranked letter from Akmolinsk to the Moscow Tea Trust, charged 14 kopecks postage due shown by 1 and 5 kopecks stamps, scarce and attractive item, ex Robert Taylor with his notesGivna bud 120.00 €120.00 €Bjud
#1695 image1926 – 1945 Nice lot registered mail, postal stationeries etc, in total over 25 itemsGivna bud 20.00 €52.00 €Bjud
#1696 image"1926 cover from Kursk to the journal ""Batrak"" in Moscow, unfranked and charged 8 kopecks postage due. Attractive and scarce item, ex Robert Taylor with his notes"Inga bud 100.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1697 image1928 Perm-Ribinsk Parokhod cancellation on picture postcard of Steamship berthed at Nizhni-NovgorodInga bud 25.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1698 image1929 (May) printed circular for a Pushkin society meeting, locally sent in Leningrad at the 1 kopeck rate. A very scarce tariff and this may be one of the latest dates to be foundInga bud 40.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1699 image1939 special envelope, fresh appearance on front but hinges and tears on reverse, scarceGivna bud 20.00 €0.00 €Bjud
#1700 imageWorld War 2 lot of 12 unused war hero postcards and five other war related itemsGivna bud 20.00 €0.00 €Bjud

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