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Consigning - easy and effective!

We strive to get the best possible price for each lot in our auctions and therefore we spend a considerable effort in preparing them. The intention is to get the best results for our sellers; we describe the items, take individual pictures of all items and market the auctions. Due to the costs involved in the process, we cannot accept consignments with starting prices below 500 euros.

How does it work?

1. Delivery of items

You can submit items by sending them to our office. If you inform us in advance of the sending of the material, our insurance covers the risks during transport. You can of course bring the material to our office yourself and in that case our experts can go through the items while waiting and tell their opinion of the items. Our experts will make house calls for particularly large and valuable consignments.

2. Material handling

After we have received the material, we will make it into auction items. We make descriptions of each lot and fix a starting price – the intention of pricing is not to sell the lot at the starting price, but to have such attractive pricing that it will create competition over the lot to sell it at its right market value. Pictures are available on the website for all lots and often there are several pictures of each lot. If the item requires authentication, we will also take care of this and only the costs of the authenticity certificate will be deducted from the auction proceeds.

3. The consignment list

At auction start time, approximately 3 weeks before the end of the auction, we will send the seller a consignment list where you can see the lot numbers, descriptions and starting prices of all your lots that have been placed in the auction. For Public Hellman auctions we will also send the auction catalogue.

4. Auction

The auction is open on the internet for about 3 weeks. In a public auction, the online auction ends just before the auction itself – final prices are being competed there. Customers are also welcome to come and view the items few days before the auction.

5. Results

The results will be listed on our website right after the online auction, and the results of the public auctions will be listed on our web page of the evening of the last auction day.

6. Sales results and payment

The payments are generally made within 40 days of the end of the auction. You will receive a list of the sales results where you can see also any expenses that are being deducted from the sales. You can receive the payment in your account or you can pick up the payment in our office

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