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Naantali - The hometown of Finland´s largest stamp auctions

Naantali was founded around the mediaeval Brigittine convent Vallis gratiae, the church of which still dominates its skyline. The name ‘Naantali’ derives from the Swedish name of the town ‘Nådendal’ which is a literal translation from Latin ‘Vallis Gratiea’ that means ‘The Valley of Grace’.

Naantali is one of oldest cities in Finland, situated in south-west and is known as one of the most important tourist centres of the country. The city is interestingly situated in the proximity of Turku, the region’s administrative centre and largest city and of archipelago – making it an interesting mixture of urban and rural.

The city has several well-known tourist attractions. These include the monastery church, 
Moominworld in Kailo Island and President´s summer residence Kultaranta. Lively
 Marina, numerous restaurants and cafes as well as small boutiques and galleries attract tourists. Furthermore,  Naantali’s old town is an old wooden house area that is an attraction in itself.

The most important industries in Naantali are the manufacture of electrical products, 
Oil refining, other industries and services. Naantali Port is Finland´s third largest 
cargo port.

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