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How to use our online auction

Welcome to the Philatelic Service of Finland Ltd´s online auction site!

The rules of our auction

Let us give you a step-by-step tutorial on the new auction system.

1. How to register

Although you may have been bidding at our auctions before and are entered in our customer database, you need to register for the online auction site. This has no influence on your customer number; when you register, you basically create your own site, which allows you to follow the price development of the items you have made bids on. More information on your own site will be given later on in this tutorial.

Start the registration process by clicking on the Register button. This will open a form which you need to fill in as carefully as possible. All data is confidential and available to us only. Please note the methods of payment.

Methods of payment:

Postage according to Finland’s postal rates and a handling fee of 5 EUR will be added to every invoice.

Cash on delivery – applicable to new customers of the Philatelic Service of Finland. The first consignment will always be sent against cash on delivery, later against an invoice. However, an established customer may also request cash on delivery.

Advance payment to our bank account - applicable to new customers, for example. This is especially recommended for international customers. First we send you an invoice, and when it has been settled, we send you the items.

Pick-up from the shop – If you live in the vicinity or are visiting Naantali at the time the auction has closed, you can pick up the items from our shop. In this case, you naturally do not need to pay any postage. This option is also available to new customers, and the items need to be paid for in the shop.

Invoice - the most common method of payment. Apart from new customers, we basically send the invoice along with the items to our customers by mail (in a parcel or letter). Term of payment: 14 days. If you have forgotten your customer number, we can find it in our database and send you the items and the invoice.

Please note that you can update this data at any time. You can do this via your own site. For example, you do not need to inform us of your new address - just update your Personal Data. The changes are automatically forwarded to us.

When you have entered all data and chosen the method of payment, click OK. When you have received a confirmation of your registration into your email address, you can log in. Just enter your email address and the password you created. From now on, these are the only pieces of information you need to enter the auction site and to start bidding.

2. How to browse items

Click on Items. Here you can browse all items for sale at our auction. Choose a heading, for example "Aunus". You will then see a list of all Aunus stamps, collections and lots for sale at the auction. When you find an interesting item, click on its image or on the Bid button. This will open a new item screen with more detailed information on the item and a larger image. Under some images, there may be a button which will provide you with an even larger image.

You can now also browse auction items with a separate search function. You can search for items with the catalogue number if you know the number of an item you would like to see. You can also search using a keyword; as a result, you get a list of all items whose data includes that keyword. For example, if you conduct a search with the word "station", the search engine will search for all items including the word "station". However, it will not find items whose description includes the word "stationery". Then you must write station* in the search box, so the search results will include all items including words starting with "station". Please remember that the keyword should have at least four characters.

On the item screen, you will also see the second highest bid. If the second highest bid is 0.00 EUR, there is either only one earlier bid or no bids at all. For example, if the second highest bid is 150 EUR, someone has bid more than 150 EUR for the item. The highest bid will not be shown on the site. If you now make a bid of 170 EUR for this item, you can check the success of your bid either via your own site or by going back to the item screen. If the second highest bid now is 170 EUR, someone else has bid more than you. If you still want to compete for the item, you have to make another bid. On the other hand, if the second highest bid is 160 EUR, for example, your bid of 170 EUR is the highest at the moment.

3. How to bid

Enter your bid in the box and click on Submit. The minimum increase is EUR 0.50. Your bid will be transmitted to the auction system immediately, so you can proceed to make bids for other items. You can raise your bid while your bid for the item is the highest, so that the second highest bid remains unchanged.

4. Your own information

When you are logged in to our site, you will be able to use your site to keep track of the success of your bids. You will see directly where your bids are the highest and where you should bid more.

If your bids are currently not the highest, you can easily make a higher bid by clicking on Bid more. This will take you back to the item screen, and you can make another bid. Then you can return to your site to check whether your bid is the highest now.

The default setting implies that you are using a service that sends an email message whenever someone has made a bid that is higher than yours. The service sends an email message including the item number and the amount you have offered for the item. You will be immediately informed if your bid is exceeded. The service will be operational until less than 30 minutes is left for bidding. Then the service will be automatically switched off for the auction in question, and no more email messages will be sent. If you wish, you can switch the service off completely by using the My Information section.

You can also submit your bids by fax, telephone, email or letter.

5. End of auction and last-minute bids (Only in online-auctions)

The auction will close at the time specified on the auction site. The only exceptions apply to so-called last-minute bids. The last-minute bid rule does not apply in public auctions. If no bids are made for an item during the last five minutes,no more bids will be accepted when the auction closes. All items for which bids have been made during the last five minutes will remain open for bidding, although the auction has closed for some other items.

The additional bidding timesystem means that, at first, five minutes will be added to the remaining bidding time of an item. This will happen if a new bid is made for the item during the last five minutes of the original bidding time. If bidders keep competing for the item and further bids are made during these five additional minutes, the bidding time will then be extended by an additional four minutes.If bidding continues and new bids are made during these four additional minutes, the bidding time will be extended again, now by three minutes. The bidding time will be extended like this until the additional bidding time is only one minute. In this case, one minute will be added at a time as long as new bids were made during the previous minute. If no further bids are made forthe item during the additional bidding time, bidding time will not be extended any longer and the auction will be closed.

When the auction closes,this will be announced on the front page, along with a list of items still open for bidding (last-minute bids). Bidding continues as long as the items remain open. When the last-minute bidding has also ended, the auction closes and yoursite will show you the items that you have won.

Example: The auction will close at 12.00 and you make a bid at 11.52. The bids will be transmitted to the auction system, and you can keep track of the developments on your own site. Please remember that your site is not automatically updated; therefore, you must update it by visiting another site for a while or by clicking on the F5 button. At 11.58, someone makes a bid for an item for which you had made the highest bid. According to the last minute rule, bidding for this item does not end at 12.00 but at 12.05 instead. If you make or someone else makes the highest bid for this item at 12.03, the bidding time will be extended by four minutes, i.e. until 12.09. If new bids are made during the following four minutes, the bidding time will be extended by three minutes, i.e. until 12.12.The extension of the bidding time is always one minute shorter than theprevious extension, until the extended bidding time for the item is one additional minute. Then the possible extension will not be any shorter; one minute will be added to the bidding time as long as a new bid was made during the previous minute. This will continue as long as bids are made for the item, and then the auction will be closed.

When the auction has closed, and last-minute bids can still be made, there will also be a list of unsold items on the front page. This list comprises all items for which no bids were made and which you can have for the starting price (plus buyer´scommission and other costs, see Auction Rules).

When the last minute bidding has also been finalised, you will find the list of results on the frontpage.

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