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#8671855 Coat of arms type I skilling values, 3 skill b:co light bluish-green F.1a, four single stamps and a single 8 skill b:co orange F. 4a on a ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL cover to Finland via Åland Sea, stamps tied by STOCKHOLM 16.9.1856 circle datestamp with similar alongside, black oval FRANCO cancel on front. A very small tear in one of the 3 skilling stamp. A VERY BEAUTIFUL COVER AND EXTREMELY RARE, ONLY A FEW KNOWN TO FINLAND WITH THIS COMBINATION! Certificate: Helena Obermüller Wilén (2018)Keine Gebote 50000.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#3101912 20 markka L gold. Very rare!Gebot hintergelegt 8000.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#21235 penni brownish yellow amazing group of 30 on a cut out with Turku fancy cancel no 46. So called ghost print is on the bottom row second stamp. Small faults in perforation. Apparently the largest known used group of this stamp! Rare. (L. 13SAg) Opinion: Ossa (2018)Gebot hintergelegt 400.00 €7600.00 € Bieten
#221425 penni light aniline-red TÊTE-BÊCHE BLOCK OF FOUR, printing block 91, from the corner of a sheet mint never hinged ** Only 8 unused pcs are known. Rarity! Opinion: Gummesson (1996)Gebot hintergelegt 6500.00 €7600.00 € Bieten
#20055 kop big pearls, dark blue, good margins, rare mint (*) without gum. (L. 1 IIa) Attest: Ossa (1998)Gebot hintergelegt 1500.00 €5200.00 € Bieten
#639Finnish Gold Treasure: Monetas 16-part set of medals in a fine box. Each with 12 grams of gold (99.9%) i.e. 192 grams of gold in total.Gebot hintergelegt 4000.00 €5005.00 € Bieten
#23371920 50 penni rare B perforated (L. 93B) group of three stamps on a cut out. Second largest known group (second known group of three). beautiful Vaasa 4.3.1920Gebot hintergelegt 1500.00 €3800.00 € Bieten
#23571 markka AW4 very rare used. One shortened tooth (L. 130AW4a) Certificate: Lehtonen (2018)Gebot hintergelegt 1000.00 €3500.00 € Bieten
#766RMS TITANIC a GORGEOUS EXHIBITION COLLECTION and its overflow material! Alltogether over 320 items, mainly beautifully mounted on collection pages. Similar hardly ever offered! Definetetly needs a closer look! A great opportunity to continue this exceptional collection. In Nordic exhibition has received a large vermeil.Gebot hintergelegt 3500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#1914Rakwere 1918 35 kop / 1 kop wrapper cut out issued as a stamp Mi 4, unused very rare stamp cut in large fragment, hingeson sides, some ageing and crease across the stamp. A MAJOR RARITY OF ESTONIAN PHILATELY, only 26 pcs printed! Certificate: Hujala (2018)Gebot hintergelegt 2000.00 €3400.00 € Bieten
#22245 penni TÊTE-BÊCHE PAIR **/* EXTREMELY RARE UNUSED! Including another vertical pair with which this constituted a block of four. Certificate: Oesch (1999) and Ossa (1996)Gebot hintergelegt 2500.00 €3300.00 € Bieten
#22211 markka violet, 25 penni and 5 penni two pcs on great Wärde cover Åbo -82. An amazing piece! Very rare. (L. 17LBb, 19LBb, 13LBb) Certificate: Oesch (1994)Gebot hintergelegt 3000.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#21761 markka reddish lilac and 25 penni three pcs on a very fine Rekomd-letter to Germany! Beautiful Helsingfors -79 and other notes. Creases on cover do not disturb. A great rarity! (L. 17SAa, 19SAa) Certificate: Oesch (1997)Gebot hintergelegt 3000.00 €3000.00 € Bieten
#234040 penni AIIW2 very rare used, beautiful Sortavala-28. (L.115 AII W2) Certificate Oesch (1993).Gebot hintergelegt 1500.00 €2900.00 € Bieten
#19955 kop small pearls, dark blue, full margins, on a letter nearly superb Brahestad -57 - only with postal cancellation, to Uleåborg. A great piece! (L. 1 Ia) Certificate: Tuori (2006)Gebot hintergelegt 1800.00 €2800.00 € Bieten
#23795 markka and 30 penni pair on very rare correct rate of the sixth weight class (85g) registered cover Helsinki 3.5.1920. Slight stains of timeGebot hintergelegt 500.00 €2700.00 € Bieten
#2458Zeppelin rare PRINTING ERROR 1830 in vertical pair, mint never hinged ** Certificate: Kauppi (2018)Gebot hintergelegt 1200.00 €2600.00 € Bieten
#2071Rarity: 13 penni exceptional printed matter rate on a letter to Denmark 5 penni II laid paper and 8 penni II ribber paper beautiful Åbo 27.5.75. At back St Peterburg transit and Copenhagen arrival post mark. Typical perforation faults. Letter file crease is on 5 penni stamp. Seemingly the only known letter with this rate to Denmark. Unique.Kirjeen arkistotaite kulkee 5 pennin läpi. Tiettävästi ainoa known kirje tällä taksalla Tanskaan! Uniikki! (L. 5 IIl, 6 dII) Certificate: Schwenson (2018)Keine Gebote 2500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#20155 kop big pearls, greenish blue, with full margins, rare mint (*) without gum. (L. 2 IIc) Certificate: Tuori (2006)Gebot hintergelegt 1500.00 €2500.00 € Bieten
#22171 markka reddish lilac two pcs, 25 penni two pcs and 5 penni on a Rekomd cover according to rate, very beautiful Kuopio -83. Cover has been slightly tidied and insignificant fault. Very rare! Opinion: Ossa (2009)Gebot hintergelegt 1200.00 €2400.00 € Bieten
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