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#4481912 20 markka L gold. Very rare!Keine Gebote 8000.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#185010 kop dark carmine, STRIP OF THREE with wide margins on cover via Stockholm to Norway, Fredrikshamn 23.6.1856. Small tear on bottom of strip. Suspension mark on the top of the cover. GREAT RARITY!(L. 2c). Certificate: RPSL (1963) and Schwenson (2019)Keine Gebote 4000.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#844NORTH ATLANTIC MAIL RATES FROM SAIL TO STEAM UNTIL UPU (1772 - 1875), fantastic gold winning exhibition collection on 128 collection pages. Collection presents a wide range of postal rates by letters arried over the North Atlantic Ocean. Over 160 postal items analyzed in detail, the routes, markings and rates. Images of all pages on our website - please inspect!Keine Gebote 4000.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#19838 penni light bluish green (L. 14 SAa) 2 pcs and 32 penni carmine-red (L. 16 SAd) 3 pcs on beautiful cover via St Petersburg and London to Brazil. Kimito 7.7.1876. Rate 112 penni correct, Brazil was not member of UPU. Only known M/75 cover to Sourth America and one of the most notable M/75 covers! Slight stains of timeKeine Gebote 3000.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#83GORGEOUS appr. 1,35 carat diamond ring with three (appr. 0,45 carats/pcs) brilliant cut W/SI1 diamonds, ring 14K goldKeine Gebote 2500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#2158Very rare cover with correct rate 3½ rouble, 1 rouble pair, 20 kop two pcs, 4 kop 2 pcs on insured letter to Krasnoje Selo! Beautiful Helsinki -97 and arrival postmark at back. Tear on letter and missing a piece but these do not interfere with item. Exhibition collection item! Certificate: Olamo (2002)Keine Gebote 2500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#1940Copenhagen very rare mint * on which print error: open left corner. Certificate: Murtosaari (2017)Keine Gebote 2500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#1946Copenhagen on letter to Sweden, very beautiful Åbo 27.8.75 and at back Stockholm sekä Malmö post marks. On left corner slight tooth fault. Letter opened up from three sides, crease at bottom margin and upper right corner missing a small piece. Rare. (L. 11) certificate: Murtosaari (2018)Keine Gebote 2000.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#18315 kop big pearls, dark blue, fine wide margins, on letter with ink cross and very beautiful Helsingfors 7.4.58 to Lovisa. EARLIEST CANCELLATION ON BIG PEARL STAMP! Typical slight staining of time. Rarity! (L. 1 IIa) Certificate: Schwenson (2018)Keine Gebote 2000.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#21553½ rouble very rare WHOLE SHEET (25) small faults in margins. A very fine piece!Keine Gebote 2000.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#192940 penni III carmine-red, showy group of 10 with margin, mint (*) without gum. Printing blocks 1-5 and 11-15, of which block 14 is type II. Gum washed off in early stages so it would not wrinkle. Typical tooth faults and tear. Supported from the back with few hinges. Rarity! Attest: Ossa (2017)Keine Gebote 1750.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#2369Zeppelin rare PRINTING ERROR 1830 on block of four, MNH ** a beautiful speciality!Keine Gebote 1500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#27181936 Red Cross set 2.1.36 to USA. Slight stains of time. Very rare!Keine Gebote 1500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#27171934 Red Cross set 20.1.34. Very rareKeine Gebote 1500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#2397AMAZING COLLECTION of booklets in six albums, a huge number of different types, included eg. AV1 lv pn 6*, AV2 tn on two sheets, AV3 L!, AV4 L3, many AV5 L11 violet on one page, AV5 L13, AV9 1796 X1 smp, AV13 X1 etc. Altogther well over 500 pcs - only AV1-3 are appr 150 pcs. In addition small collection mounted of AV9 and some other booklets eg V10. Fine collection where many rarities!Keine Gebote 1500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#19798 penni dark green solo on rare printed matter with correct rate via St. Petersburg to Denmark. Figure postmark 293 and Helsingfors 11.1.1878. Great collection piece. (L. 14 SAc)Keine Gebote 1500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#1675Otepää 1941 20+20 K Mi 1A F Ul, very fine mint ** stamp WITHOUT BLUE PRINT, IMPERFORATE AT LEFT. VERY RARE, certificate: Krischke (1995)Keine Gebote 1500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#20881 markka lilac and 10 penni and 25 penni on rare parcel card Helsingfors -83. Card with typical creases and slight stains of time. (L. 17LBc, 18LBa, 19LBc) Certificate: Oesch (1999)Keine Gebote 1500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#213410 markka six pcs and 1 markka three pcs and 25 penni on rare Wärde cover Helsinki -96. Small stains of time. A very nice item!Keine Gebote 1500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
#2608Research collection on Visir pages in album. A lot of versatile and beautiful material. An opportunity!Keine Gebote 1500.00 €0.00 € Bieten
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