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ТОП 20 самые ценные

Лот Начальная цена Вторая по величине ставка
#2390Rare complete SHEET SET (15 x 50) MNH ** Most of the sheets have been split, so only a few complete sheet sets are available today. Rare offer!Ставок нет 5000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#237HUGE EX LIBRIS COLLECTION, material in boxes, envelopes, books etc. Also some original drawings and proofs, in addition ex libris litteraturem etc. Aproximately 1500 ex librisСтавок нет 5000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#8921849 - 1960 FABULOUS COLLECTION IN TWO ALBUMS, complete main type collection incl. also miniature sheets and various types, postmarks etc. Used and mint material, eg. Mi 1 nine copies and Mi 2 12 copies. Includes also railway stamps, postage due etc. back of the book material. Very nice collection and not often for sale in this size - definitely worth closer study!Ставок нет 3500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#14511843 - 1987 FABULOUS COLLECTION IN TWO ALBUMS starting with Zürich and Geneva canton stamps (both with certificates), includes also 2½ rappen Poste Locale, 13 Rayon stamps, over 40 imperforate Sitting Helvetia stamps etc. From 1852 onwards complete main type collection with miniature sheets, plenty of early paper, watermark and perforation varieties, se-tenant pairs etc. etc. MUST BE SEEN!Ставок нет 3500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#190720 penni III greenish blue, extremely fine mint * block of 20! Strenghtened. Some ageing, very fine exhibition item! (L. 8 IIIk) Certificate: Schwenson (2016)Ставок нет 3000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#2258Zeppelin vary rare PRINTING ERROR 1830 on cover with also a normal Zeppelin stamp, fine Helsinki 1930. Philatelice cover, not delivered by post. Fine and international rarity! Certificate: Schwenson (2020)Ставки 3000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#20667 ruble 50 kop, 35 kop and 10 kop with additional stamsp on insured cover to St. Petersburg, addressed to Fabergé!!! Fine Helsinki 1896 and on reverse backstam and sigils. Fine exhibition item!Ставок нет 3000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#16251923 - 1991 EXCELLENT collection of mint **/* material in seven Schaubek albums with mounts, almost all main types are present, only a few stamps are missing. Almost all valuable stamps, sets and miniature sheets are included, and also varietes like imperforate, different perforations, types etc. Extremely nice collection in beautiful albums, enormous catalogue value - please inspect!Ставок нет 3000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#1819Very rare WIDE-LAID PAPER 5 kop large pearls, three complete margins, fine ink cross. Only 15 copies are known to exist! Certificate: Eichele (2007) and Oesch (1997)Ставок нет 3000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#17201841 - 1888 EXCELLENT WORLDWIDE COLLECTION in beautiful Schaubek album, album is in fine condition. Total of ca. 3500 stamps, only material from 19th century! Excellent collection to continue classic worldwide stamp collecting!Ставок нет 2500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#9571850 - 1952 EXCELLENT collection in album, used and mint material including plenty of valuable stamps, sets and miniature sheets, also unissued stamps, definitely worth closer examination!Ставок нет 2500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#8931849 - 1975 excellent collection in three Leuchtturm albums with mounts, mainly mint **/* material, also some used. Almost complete main type collection incl. also plenty of varieties like perforation, types etc. Huge amount of valuable stamps and miniature sheets, two first miniature sheets with creases. Includes also postage due and official stamps etc. Very high catalogue value - DEFINITELY WORTH CLOSER EXAMINATION!Ставок нет 2000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#1904Very rare PRINTING ERROR 5 penni on buff laid paper, used. Small faults in roulette. Opinion: Ossa (2002)Ставок нет 2000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#8281852 - 1954 EXCELLENT COLLECTION IN ALBUM, complete main type collection of used and mint material, added plenty of various types, perforations, coil perforations, three rare precancellations Boschen perforation, nice selection of postage due stamps, Armenwet, ICJ etc. etc. MUST BE SEEN!Ставок нет 2000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#2087Very rare 40 penni PERFORATION B PAIR used in Warkaus. Small fault, only three pairs are known to exist!! (L. 65B)Ставок нет 2000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#19462 penni grey, 8 penni yellow-green two stamps and 32 penni reddish carnmine on fine registered letter to Russia, very fine Uleåborg 1879. Backstamped, minor faults. (L. 12SAd, 14SAb, 16SAg) Certificate: Reinikainen (2009)Ставок нет 1900.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#24961889 5 markka yellow-green and 20 penni on insured letter, very fine Sund 1899. According to mr. Toivakka no other model 1889 high value postal items are known. Opinion: Ossa (2019)Ставок нет 1500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#27141856 - 1979 fine mainly used collection in album, almost complete, only Aunus 5 and 10 markka and North Ingermanland first set are missing. Oval 5 kopek stamp with certificate, 1866 1 markka on fine fragment, many model 1917 watermark varieties, Zeppelin MNH and used on fragment, Carelia set MNH, much superb used material, must be seen!Ставок нет 1500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#9591850 - 1995 excellent **/*/o collection in six albums. Plenty of expensive early stamps (some reprints/forgeries), eg. Mi 2, 7, 16, 21, 22, 30 (certificate) etc. Many better sets, miniature sheets etc. Value collection which needs to be examined by professionalСтавок нет 1500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#18055 kop large pearls blue, good margins, superb Helsingfors 10.12.1858 and ink cross to Hämeenlinna, Ank cancellation. Usually the stamps used on December 1858 should have been cancelled with postmaster Langolain ink cross, but this item lacks it - exceptional! (L. 1 IIb) Certificate: Schwenson (2020)Ставок нет 1500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
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