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Лот Начальная цена Вторая по величине ставка
#1396ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL collection of Imperial Russia Civil censored covers from WW I period covering all parts of the Russian Empire including incoming mail. Collection contains over 260 postal items and approximately 75% of the material with RARE or VERY RARE or a discovery such as new censor tape or handstamp as well as extended periods of usage. The collector also provides description of each item, total of 27 pages of his notes. Ideal to start continue this interesting area, or to a specialist - doubtful such collection could be offered agaiappr. Please reserve time to study this great collection!Ставок нет 6000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#933The 1952 - 1968 Wilding definitives of Great Britain, ABSOLUTETLY BEAUTIFUL GOLD MITAL EXHIBITION COLLECTION in 128 leaves in two albums, includes huge amount of interesting material like watermarks, varous papers, phosphor stripes, perforation varieties, tête-bêches, paper joints, off sets, printing, perforation etc. errors, perfins, training stamps, plenty of postal items with various tariffs to all over the world, postmarks etc. etc. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY!Ставок нет 5000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#174310 kop carmine red rare strip of three and pair that have been reconnected. Very beautiful ink cross and Helsingfors 12.4.58. Strip has once been cut and now it is connected again! (L2g) Small flaws. Strip of three with authentication: Oesch (1996) and pair Tuori (2005) Ставок нет 3000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#403Great Britain 2008 The Royal Shield of Arms Gold Proof Collectioappr. 1 p - 1£, 0.917 gold, the combined weight 84,76g, only 2008 pcs madeСтавок нет 2000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#18488 penny dark green(bluish) 4 pcs on cover to Germany, beautiful Wiborg -77. On one stamp some teeth little worn. Crease on the bottom of cover. Rarity. certificate: Murtosaari (2016)Ставок нет 2000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#408Magnificent Seven- golden coin collection, 12 golden coins in a fine wooden boxСтавок нет 1800.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#25571933 Red Cross series Mikkeli 3.1.33 rare Ставок нет 1500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#533Nikolai II collection almost 200 old cards in albumСтавок нет 1500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#17858 penny rare V -roulette, beautiful Heinola cancellation. Pretty good one, only minor faults on roulette. Few little suspicious tooth. (L. 6aV) certificate: Schwenson (2016)Ставок нет 1500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#18985 penny fine and rare TETE-BECHE block of four beautiful cancelled. On right upper corner small crease and couple little short teeth. certificate: Schwenson (2016)Ставок нет 1500.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#13701858 mourning letter with three page contents from Princess Anastasia Gagarina to Prince Sayn-Wittgenstein in Wiesbaden, in reply to his condolences on the murder of her husband, the Military Governor of the Russian Caucasus. Rare oval despatch cancel of KUTAIS and numerous transit and arrival markings, the cover re-directed to Naples. An exceptional item of postal and Russian history! Ставок нет 1200.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#26491856 - 1959 old collection mainly cancelled eg 1856 5 kop oval, 10 kop 2 pcs, serpentine rouletted (faults), Copenhagen, 1885 5 mk and 10 mk, 1891 set, three black tens, Zeppelin, Karelia, North Ingermanland, Aunus etcСтавок нет 1200.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#11921850 – 1923 Fine collection in hingeless Kabe album including all states, very high catalogue value, a little bit mixed condition Ставок нет 1000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#26501856 - 1980 excellent old collection on pages, a lot of material, but some variety in the quality. A lot to explore! For example more than 30 pcs of serpentine issue. A must see! Ставок нет 1000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#17285 kop big pearls, blue, full margins on a letter to Pietarsaari, beautiful ink cross and additional cancellation Wasa -58. A shade of stains of time. (L. 1IIb) certificate: Schwenson (2017)Ставок нет 1000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#15511923 - 1924 Estonian map 100 mk and 300 mk Mi 40 and 54, scarce VERY FINE MINT ** BLOCKS OF SIX with sheet margins, 100 mk ON THE RARE WOVE PAPER!Ставок нет 1000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#2655Nice mainly **/*/(*) collection on mounted pages until 2001. Many good eg 1875-82 sets (some reprints), 1885 set, 1891 set, three black tens, North Ingermanland as complete, 1922 Karelia set, Zeppelin. Needs to be seen!Ставок нет 1000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#2641MNH ** face value material in a binder, plenty of 1st class stamps, total face value over 1950€!Ставок нет 1000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#18468 penny on a letter very beautiful Åbo -76. overfranked. certificate: Ossa (1991)Ставок нет 1000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
#195710 mk 3 pcs and other values on rare Wärde-letter, beautiful Helsinki -94. Slight stains of time. Fine postal item!Ставок нет 1000.00 €0.00 € Сделать ставку
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